Gigapixel Gallery

Explore this Gigapixel Panorama of PSA Singapore that we have created. This ultra high resolution Gigapixel image lets experience the vastness and the small details. Come and explore Singapore's PSA terminal....

Haroko Studio was commissioned to do a Gigapixel photograhy of the 3.3 metre tall Chettinad Doorway that allows viewers to zoom in and see incredibly detailed woods carvings for this doorway....

Why Choose Haroko Studio?

At Haroko Studio, quality and detail matter to us, which is why we work closely with all our clients to deliver the best visual experience possible for their 360 degree virtual tour.

We know that your 360 degree virtual tour or video needs to leave an impact with your viewers.

Our years of expertise in photography, digital imaging, and compositing has allowed us to help our clients to create virtual tours that engage and inspire.

Simply put, Haroko Studio is the best in the business when it comes to providing clients with an unforgettable product experience.

Work With Us

Our customers often say that working with us is easy, and we want it that way! It is our goal to ensure the very best in photography. We will help you capture the highest possible detail and quality that impresses your audience. We also create informative and interactive virtual tours that help you bring your stories or your messages across to your viewers in an engaging way. To get started with Haroko Studio, call us or complete the “Contact Us” form to the right.

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