Gigapixel Printing

Gigapixel Printing produces the highest resolution of prints in large format.

Gigapixel Printing

With gigapixel printing, we’re able to reveal the vast level of detail of a digital gigapixel image onto a large format print. At a size of over 6 metres, a gigapixel print retains its stunning level of quality and details even when viewed a few inches away.

A gigapixel image that contains billions of pixels can produce extremely detailed and colourful prints. And getting the ultra high resolution of a Gigapixel image from digital to print involves special large format printing techniques and specialized large format printer.

One advantage of gigapixel resolution is that it can produce prints of various sizes from small to very large sizes. And it is the large size prints that creates a compelling effect on viewers.


Why A Gigapixel Print Is Perfect For You

We offer professional gigapixel printing for your custom gigapixel image. They’re perfect for your home, office, and just about everywhere else.

A high quality gigapixel image in combination with the most advanced industry printers ensure that your large format prints have a unique quality all on their own.

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Where Are Printed Gigapixel Images Used?

Indoor & Outdoor Advertising

Reach out to your target audience through captivating Gigapixel panoramas that deliver your message in malls, restaurants, and venues.


Allows viewers to be immersed as they view the gigapixel print of the attraction, as if they are there at the actual location.


Draw viewers to museums or galleries with attention grabbing large format prints in any size with every detail.


Cultivate the work atmosphere which you thrive most in with a custom Gigapixel print.

Train Stations

Make history with your very own 360 degree gigapixel panorama at the train station.

F&B Restaurants

Let your customers dine in beauty within a 360 degree view of a cityscape at your restaurant.

Why Haroko Studio?

We specialize in gigapixel printing for a wide variety of situations. From advertising campaigns to art galleries or even urban planning. We use state of the art cameras, digital imaging, and industry standard printers to deliver high quality large format prints of your gigapixel image.

We Deliver High Quality Gigapixel Printing

Work with us to create high quality Gigapixel prints and give your ad the edge it needs to get your message to the right people in the right time and place.