Gigapixel Services

Professional Gigapixel services that offers everything from high end Gigapixel Photography to Gigapixel Printing.

Gigapixel Services

Haroko Studio provides high-quality Gigapixel Services from Gigapixel photography to large format Gigapixel printing.

Our passion for revealing details in photography and imagery is the driving force that has led us to dive into the Gigapixel arena. We believe that ultra high resolution photos and images that reveals the amazing details and clarity can have an impact on the viewers.

Our years of expertise such as photography and digital imaging techniques has allowed us to deliver high quality gigapixel images that wows our clients. There’s nothing like seeing the amazement from the viewer as they zoom around and in-depth within a gigapixel image, so huge and yet so detailed.

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Our Gigapixel Services Include:

Gigapixel Photography

We are equipped with professional photography gear, including high end cameras and robotic camera mounts so we can take hundreds and  thousands of photos of the landscape from a single location.

After the shoot, we stitch each photo together creative to create one massive gigapixel panorama, which is comprised of billions of pixels.

Then, we use digital imaging technique to enhance the image’s vibrant colours and make your photo come to life.

We give our clients the ability to deploy the final image to an interactive web page where viewers can pan and zoom in and out within an extremely high resolution gigapixel panorama.

It’s great for advertising. But it’s also great for artists, historians, scientists and other busy professionals who are looking for a way to showcase their surroundings, artefacts, or groundbreaking work in a way that viewers can see it up close and in the detail it deserves.

360 Degree Gigapixel Photography

360 degree Gigapixel Photography starts by taking thousands of photos from a prime viewing location as our cameras make a complete three-sixty.

After the shoot, we stitch tens of thousands of images together carefully and process them with digital imaging techniques to bring out a deep range of colour and detail.

The finished image is a 360 degree virtual tour with billions of pixels where viewers can navigate their surroundings from all possible viewing directions. Better yet, viewers can zoom in to get close and personal with the smallest of details within a 360 gigapixel panorama. Making it more immersive for viewers who have endless possibilities for viewing extraordinary content.

Need it in a panoramic format? No problem. Our 360 degree gigapixel virtual tours are available in panoramic format so you don’t have to choose between one or the other.

Gigapixel Printing

When it comes to gigapixel printing, we prioritize huge scale prints in fine levels of detail. And thanks to the unprecedented resolution of a Gigapixel image. We can print in large format while preserving an incredible amount of detail.

We start by preparing your gigapixel panorama for ultra high resolution printing with our advanced digital imaging software. With industry large format printers, we transform your gigapixel panorama into a massive print bustling with colour and detail.

The finished image is a gigapixel print in ultra high resolution with a character and style of its own.

Whether it’s for an outdoor advertising billboard to increase brand awareness, an office to beautify your walls, or even a historical museum to attract visitors, a gigapixel panoramic print leaves no doubts about its ability to enhance any space.

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Our clients get the best in gigapixel services, because we understand the latest technologies and techniques. We excel at using them, and we know exactly how to best present them to your audience.

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