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Install a high-impact, high-definition virtual tour on your website today, and start promoting your business the way your customers want to see it!

HD Virtual Tour

An HD Virtual Tour is a 360 degree virtual tour that is created using thousands of high resolution images captured and processed with our High Dynamic Range Photography technique.

High definition allows for intensely detailed, stunningly beautiful images — images that leave audiences in awe.


Why choose a High Definition (HD) Virtual Tour?

Standard color photographs were groundbreaking in the 1960s.

Today, they’re tired and overused, failing to capture true detail accurately enough for consumers.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography captures an array of colour, tone, and contrast, highlighting what normal photography simply can’t.

We take these high resolution photos and reprocess them to create vivid, life-like experiences—it’s more than something customers can see, it’s something they can feel.

This technique offers breathtaking details and amazing views. It’s perfect for projects where the tiniest details matter. Never mind if the scenes are dim or over-bright – using HDR photography we can compensate and show off the finest details.


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Explore The Intricate Details With an HD Virtual Tour.

High Definition Virtual Tour brings out the finest details in every object. Explore this online tour to admire detailed artefacts and the story they tell.

Explore The Intricate Details

Take for example the HD Virtual Tour of Chinatown Heritage Centre located in Singapore. All panoramas for this 360 tour were captured at high-resolution. High resolution virtual tours allow you to zoom in to inspect the details of the displays and let you explore the areas that you are curious of.

Zoom into the antique fan and you’ll be able to see the details on the fan itself.

Check out these old traditional kettles. What sort of emotion did it evoke in you? What image or story came up in your mind?

Normal Photography vs HDR Photography

An Underexposed Scenario

Normal Photography

Picture a dimly lit museum.  Standard photography can only expose for the chosen subject – meaning that parts of the museum with stronger lighting will be overexposed.

HDR Photography

Multiple exposures, coupled with digital imaging expertise, let us bring the details back to life.

An Overexposed Scenario

Normal Photography

Imagine a bright sunny outdoor shoot. Standard photography can expose for brightly lit areas – but shadowed areas will be very dark and will end up losing a lot of details.

But exposing for the shadow will cause other issues. Sunny buildings will now be overexposed. The once beautiful blue sky will be filled with huge patches of white.

HDR Photography

HDR photography allows us to capture multiple exposures. Coupled with our digital imaging expertise, details from both the subject and background such as clouds will be combined in a natural way.

That’s the beauty of High Dynamic Range Photography.

What’s Involved in Creating an HD Virtual Tour?

HDR Photography Technique

To create a 360 degree HD Virtual Tour, we use HDR Photography techniques. One location might be created using as many as one thousand individual photographs. We take multiple exposures from every angle to capture all the details we need.

This image shows how we create multiple exposures to increase the dynamic range of the final panorama.


During the post-processing stage, we edit the digital images to remove any unwanted artifacts, colour correct to optimise the image, and adjust contrasts, highlights and details of the photos. We are obsessed with the intricate details: we want your virtual tour to be absolutely perfect.

With our keen eye for colours and tuned aesthetic sense, we can colour-grade your photos to evoke the feelings you want in your audience.

Creating the Virtual Tour

These hundreds of high resolution panoramic photos are then carefully stitched up to create a fully navigable 360 degree view. Content such as text information, images, audio and video can be embedded to make the tour fully interactive.

Why Haroko Studio?

Haroko Studio has the years of HDR experience needed to create truly intricately detailed HD virtual tours.

We combine vast experience in HDR photography with cutting-edge digital imaging expertise. We create truly beautiful High Definition virtual tours that captivate your audience.  

Our technology can be copied. Our expertise can’t.

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