Interactive Virtual Tour
Tell your stories, educate your audience, impress your clients. Create a captivating virtual tour that includes informative texts, videos and even audio.

Interactive Virtual Tour

Interactive Virtual Tour offers a 360-degree experience, where the viewer can virtually walk themselves through an entire location.

The fully-navigable experience can be enhanced with pop-up images, floor maps, texts, audio and videos to engage your audience.

Add educational content, links and interactive media. Interactive Virtual Tours are fantastic educational tools for museums and galleries – and more conventional companies can use them to deepen brand connection and add valuable content to their virtual tours.

What can be included in an Interactive Virtual Tour?

Intensify the 360 degrees Interactive Virtual Tour with additional content like:

  • “Hot spots” where visitors can get up close and personal with a specific feature or exhibit
  • Embedded images to help your audience get a closer look
  • Supplemental text to add informative elements
  • Audio in the form of a voice-over or soundtrack
  • Videos  that tell your story
  • Floor maps to allow for easy navigation
  • And more…

Mix and match these features mentioned to create the ultimate audience experience.

Besides looking impressive on full-screen viewed from a desktop, these interactive virtual tours can be viewed on tablets and mobile devices, allowing your users to enjoy virtual tours anywhere and anytime.

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An Old New World exhibition virtual tour

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Experience the comprehensive interactive tour.

Come experience this 360 degree interactive virtual tour. Find informative texts, images and audio. See and hear the difference.

Interactive Elements

Navigation Tools

At the bottom of each virtual tour, viewers can access a row of navigation tools, enabling them to go full screen, zoom in/out, and pan left/right. Mobile device users can pan simply by tilting their screen.

Floor Maps

At the bottom left corner of the screen is an embedded floor map of the exhibition. Simply click it to enlarge the map, access an overview of the location, and see the current viewing location. Switch to another location by clicking on another area on the floor map.


Each virtual tour features a small arrow icon on the extreme left of the screen. Clicking this icon will display a panel of panoramas of the exhibition. This panorama is an overview of the locations available for online touring.

Pop Up Photo And Text

Haroko Studio can embed pop up photos of artifacts, paintings, and other exhibit features, and include corresponding information for viewers to read while they view.

Pop Up Videos

Videos can be embedded within a virtual tour to make the online touring experience more dynamic.

Zoom In For Details

Using the control icons located at the bottom of the screen, viewers can zoom in/out to access the details of their HD virtual tour.

Move To Another Location

Tap or click on the arrow icon to move from screen to screen, or to another location.

Who are Interactive Virtual Tours for?

Interactive Virtual Tours are great for businesses looking to create an immersive user-experience that’s fun, engaging and informative.

All sorts of industries can benefit from an Interactive Tour:

Property Developers

Do more than show a property, showcase it in the best way possible. Showcase the facilities, amenities and details that matter to your clients.

Business Owners

Give your employees all the training they need before they step onto the factory floor


Up the ante on other venues in town by letting potential guests see everything before they arrive. Or if you offer your venues for functions and weddings, an interactive virtual tour keeps discussion and planning running smoothly.


Showcase past and present exhibits while gaining exposure to a broader audience

Tourism Boards

Highlight local attractions and let tourists experience them before they even board their flight.

Event Planners

Demonstrate your deftness by letting potential clients feel what working with you is like. Having interactive tours of a venue on hand keeps planning running smoothly.

Why Haroko Studio?

At Haroko Studio, quality and details matter to us, which is why we work closely with all our clients to deliver the best visual experience possible for their 360 degree interactive virtual tour.  We’re glad to work with clients who appreciate meticulous attention to details.

We’re artists—we have a keen eye for presentation.

We’re scientists—we use the latest technologies and techniques.

We’re perfectionists—we are obsessed with creating the ideal depiction of your business.

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