Chettinad Doorway

The Chettinad Doorway is one of the oldest historical artefacts in the Indian Heritage Centre of Singapore. Standing at 3.3 metres tall and with 5000 minute carvings, it would be challenging for visitors to appreciate all the carvings up-close.

In order to allow visitors to see the incredible details up-close, we did a Gigapixel Panorama of The Chettinad Doorway. We took hundreds of photos of this ancient artefact in high resolution and stitched them together to form an extremely high resolution image where viewers can zoom in to any part of The Chettinad Doorway to admire the minute carvings.

We were honoured to be commissioned to create this gigapixel panorama of the 19th century Chettinad Doorway standing at 3.3 metres tall for our client. This gigapixel panorama enabled visitors to view its 5,000 intricate minute carvings upclose.


About Chettinad Doorway

Located in Singapore’s Indian Heritage Centre, the Chettinad Doorway was constructed in the late 19th century and brings countless visitors from around the world to Singapore every year.

This intricately carved entrance doorway, with its jambs and lintel panels, is an example of the South Indian domestic architecture during the late 19th and early 20thcenturies. A 3.3 metre tall doorway with 5,000 minute carvings of mythic motifs. It was made from the wood of Mahua trees. Today, these ancient large evergreen trees with a straight cylindrical trunk are planted along roads and in front of temples across South India.

The Chettinad Doorway is admired for its role in shaping domestic South Indian architecture during the height of the Chettiar community. To this day, the artefact continues to represent a journey between the sacred personal world and the busy outside world.


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Gigapixel Photography

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Chettinad Doorway

Exploring Gigapixel Panorama Of Chettinad Doorway

This gigapixel panorama image is made up of a few hundred images that were stitched together. Each being a high resolution photo by itself. The delivery is in digital and interactive format. Look at the bottom of the panorama image and you will see easy-to-use navigation controls. Either using your mouse’s scroll wheel, or the photo’s navigation features, try panning or zooming in and out to see the detailed wood carvings on this ancient doorway.

A highlight of the finer details that you can see.

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