Congo River: Arts Of Central Africa

Congo River: Arts of Central Africa tells the stories and cultures of the Central African people. Hailing from the dense rainforests and windswept savannahs, the civilizations of the Congo River basin own a rich cultural heritage. The people of Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Angola, the Republic of Congo, Gabon, and the Democratic Republic of Congo are featured in this exhibit.

The exhibit employed harsh lighting to bring life and power to the masks and other artifacts. The masks and figurines portrayed the people’s connection to ancestry and spirituality. Different artworks of these nations are united in purpose and artistic style.

The Asian Civilization Museum also took particular care to highlight the female figures in the savannah from three distinct Central African countries: Gabon, the Republic of Congo, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

By exploring their traditional art, wood carvings, and detailed masks, visitors to the Congo River: Arts of Central Africa exhibit obtained a better understanding of this dynamic culture that engaged in ancestor veneration.

Haroko Studio was pleased to be asked to create a robust 360 degree virtual tour for Congo River: Arts of Central Africa.


The Challenge

The reflective casings presented an interesting challenge for this exhibit. We were careful to take precaution and take shots from an angle such that our reflection would not be shown. Digital imaging however is still needed to touch up the photographs and make everything seamless.


National Heritage Board

Panoramic Photography And Virtual Tour

Haroko Studio


Congo River: Arts Of Central Africa

Museum Virtual Tour Of Congo River

This is the entrance to the Congo River exhibit. Viewers can easily navigate around the room or zoom in and out with the use of the icon located at the bottom of the virtual tour. Using a mouse, users could click and drag to view each space in 360°. With a mobile device, viewers simply tilt the screen to view.

Jump to any location to view it in detail. Simply click on any panoramas on the left panel to see new locations.

A floor map of the exhibit in this museum virtual tour helps viewers to weave their way through the displays. A blinking circle indicates your position within the exhibit. A rotating, beam-like icon indicates the direction you are facing.

To read more about an artefact, viewers click on the + icon and a pop-up image laden with detailed text gives a description and an additional photograph of the artefact.

Virtual Tour Production

We use HDR photographic techniques to produce the highest quality images imaginable—images that retain the details within shadowed areas and highlighted areas.

Multiple exposures were shot to increase dynamic range of the final panorama as seen in these spherical shots.

With various exposures, we can manipulate the highlights and shadows, ensuring the details can be seen regardless of lighting.

Capturing details in the shadows and in the highlights.

Quality and Details Matter

The factor that makes or breaks an image lies in the little details. That is why at Haroko Studio, we take time to plan out your virtual tour. We use quality camera equipment, and we take the time to capture every piece of a location. And during the post-processing stage, we apply our years of digital imaging skills to bring out rich colours and details.

Work With Us

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