La Vie Residences

A 17-floor condominium located along the Chroy Changvar Peninsula, La Vie Residences is a joint property venture between a Singaporean and Cambodian firm looking to capitalize on the growth of Phnom Penh. More than 60% of the luxury condos were sold prior to the completion of construction, with options ranging from one-bedroom to three-bedroom condos. Flanked by the beautiful Mekong and Tonle Sap Rivers, La Vie Residences has quickly become one of the most luxurious residences in the Phenom Penh area. In addition to private, residential spaces, the building also features a gym, pool, spa, and a spectacular rooftop terrace and garden.

To entice potential buyers and highlight the building’s impressive amenities, Haroko Studio was commissioned and flew to Cambodia to do virtual tour photography of the condominium showroom and create a high-quality property virtual tour for La Vie Residences.

A property virtual tour in HD (high definition) is one of the best presentation tools for any property developer or property agent. It allows them to market their latest development to potential buyers anytime and from anywhere in the world. Having worked on such a prestigious project as the La Vie Residences, Haroko Studio is prepared to create content for any property.


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Panoramic Photography And Virtual Tour

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La Vie Residences

Property Virtual Tour of La Vie Residences in 360 Degrees

This is a Property Virtual Tour of La Vie Residences’ actual showroom in HD. The high resolution of the photos showcase intricate details of the property. Viewers can navigate through the 360 tour by clicking and dragging the mouse, or—if on a mobile device—by tilting the screen in any direction.

The bottom left-hand side of the virtual tour shows two floor plans for two different unit types at the condominium. Viewers can click on the map to enlarge their perspective and better understand where they are within a given space. They can also easily navigate to other parts of the showroom or view another type of unit by clicking on any circle icon within the floor map.

On the extreme left of the virtual tour is a quick view of the list of panoramas available. Click on any panoramas to go to another location to view in 360 degrees.

This is a 360 degree view of the washroom facility within the La Vie Residences’ showroom. During the virtual tour photography shoot, the reflection from the mirror as well as the reflective surfaces from the wall posed a challenge. Our photographer and equipment were in fact captured during the shoot. However, during the post-processing stage, we removed the unnecessary reflection and recovered the seamless visual that you see here.

Showcasing the inviting bedroom.

Experience the Property Showroom In VR

Put on a VR headset to experience the 360 degree tour of the La Vie Residences’ showroom in virtual reality. Launch the virtual tour page on your smartphone, click on the goggle icon on the bottom right-hand side of the screen, choose the appropriate VR mode for your VR headset, and you’re ready to begin your virtual reality tour of La Vie Residences.

Turn your head to view the room from any angle.

Check out their washroom facility in 360 degrees.

To view another location, align the cross icon with the yellow circle and wait for a few seconds—another location will load momentarily.

Present the Best of Your Property 24/7

With our technology, potential overseas property buyers do not have to fly all the way to you to visit your showroom. We can create a property virtual tour of your showroom and present the best of your facilities to your customers anytime and anywhere in the world. The 360 degree virtual tour is the best marketing and presentation tool that you can add to your marketing toolbox.

We at Haroko Studio pay attention to the little details that bring out the best of your property. We work closely with you to plan out shoots and create a property virtual tour that conveys the advantages of your property, such as featured amenities, nearby facilities, the comfort of the living space, the relaxing environment, and so on.

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