Virtual Tour Services
Tap into our expert, personalized services to create a top-of-the-line visual tour

Virtual Tour Services

Tap into our years of expertise in virtual tour services to create a high quality customized virtual tour. As virtual reality technology rapidly improves, a Virtual Tour can be a powerful addition to your marketing and promotion strategy. With years of experience and expertise in virtual tour production, Haroko Studio works closely with our clients and web developers to craft outstanding virtual tours.

Combining our expertise in high dynamic range photography, digital imaging, 3D modeling and virtual tour creation, we consistently deliver immersive and engaging virtual tours to give our clients an edge that’s sure to make them stand out.

With an eye for beauty and detail, we produce high quality photographic images that our clients are always impressed by. Our experience in computer-generated imagery means that we can translate those images into astonishingly detailed virtual tours of every kind.

Work with us to design and create a custom virtual tour experience that will blow your customers away.

We can include interactive maps and floor plans, hotspots, links, sound and even video in your virtual tour. Talk to us about your needs, and we’ll customize our virtual tour service for you.

Our Virtual Tour Services Include:


  • Understanding your requirements and needs for your 360 Virtual Tour.
  • Recommending locations and determining photography spots.
  • Determining informative elements to be added to the virtual tour.
  • Virtual Tour Design.


  • Virtual Tour photography
    • We use HDR photography techniques that give you the best image quality.
  • Item photography
    • We photograph individual items to include in the virtual tour.
  • We use top-quality equipment to produce HD Virtual Tour with high resolution imagery and perfect alignment.

3D Production

  • 3D Modeling
    • Building the whole environment or landscape in 3D for your 3D Virtual Tour.
  • Texturing
    • We can texture 3D models for a stylised or photo-realistic look – you choose!
  • Lighting
    • Sunny afternoon, crisp morning or romantic evening – we’ll adjust lighting depending on the mood you want to project.


  • Stitching Panoramic Images.
  • Digital Imaging
    • Removing tripod.
    • Colour correction.
    • Restoring scene details in highlights and shadows.
    • Retouching.
    • Photo sharpening.


  • Logo
    • Brand your virtual tour experience with your logo on the floor at the very bottom of your virtual tour.
  • Embedding hot spots
    • Hot spots are areas that create interactions within an interactive virtual tour. They can be used to navigate, open website pages, and view video, images or text.
  • Embedding images, text
    • Easily integrate photos into your virtual tours with a small stills gallery – or we can embed them into the content (in a hanging frame on the wall for example) and have them appear with a 3D effect.
  • Flyers and brochures
    • If your virtual tour image has a poster on the wall, leaflets on a service counter or flyers sitting on a table, we can make them come to life with a single click.
  • Videos
    • Embed short video clips that adapt the 3D view of your virtual tour We can superimpose your video content on TV screens or animations on billboards.
  • Audio
    • Add background music, ambient noise, voiceover or sound effects to your virtual tours to further enhance the experience.
  • Transition effects
    • We can incorporate different transitions from one virtual tour to another. Fade, spin zoom…whatever suits your virtual tour photography project.
  • Custom maps and floor plans
    • whether your virtual tour location is a single building or spread out over a large area, we can custom design a map or floor plan filled with hotspots.
  • Navigation
    • Click and drag mouse control, navigation panel, drop down menus, hotspots or cursor keys…. by using different navigation options we can offer innovative ways to tour your location.

Web Integration

  • Full screen panoramas
    • Our virtual tours are primarily created to work on desktop computers to make full use of the larger screen and faster loading times.
  • Responsive design for smart phones and tablets
    • Designed for display on desktop and mobile devices: allow users to enjoy the experience anywhere, anytime.
  • Fast loading
    • Using multi-resolution tiling technology.
  • Compatible with Virtual Reality headsets
    • Our Virtual Reality Tour is compatible with Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and other smartphone VR headsets.

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Our clients get the best in virtual tours, because we understand the latest Virtual Tour technologies. We excel at using them, and we know exactly how to best present them to your audience.

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